Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Traffic Be Tracked?

We will create a tracking link for you as soon as your ad is approved, which tracks the progress of your ad and your daily visitors.

This link will allow you to keep tabs on your traffic campaign, as well as more detailed visitor information, like their country of origin, browser, and operating system.

Can I Divide One Plan Between Multiple URLs?

In most cases, a new order will have to be placed for each URL you intend on sending traffic.

We occasionally allow splitting ads between two or more URLs. But reach out if you'd like to create an ad that is split between more than one page.

Why Are Your Traffic Services So Affordable?

Because pop-under visitors have a shorter attention span, they have a higher bounce rate by nature. They are also easier to provide in large numbers, making our traffic much more affordable than other ad networks.

Our visitors will be from countries you specify, and from websites that are relevant to your website's niche. Most other traffic services do not even begin properly targeting their traffic, or they direct your traffic from obscure locations.

Will Google Analytics Track My Visitors?

Yes. We will track all of your visitors and send you a link. The traffic is sent through our internal network and redirected to your URL, which nearly always appears in your Google Analytics dashboard.

That said, a fluctuation between 60% and 99% log rate in Google Analytics has sometimes been shown; this can vary from location to location, as well as campaign size and duration.

Most visitor tracking software will display all your visitors as well (cPanel, AWStats,, Piwik, etc.)

If you are experiencing issues with Google Analytics, please open a support ticket, and we will work to correct the problem.

Is This Traffic AdSense safe?

Google Adsense doesn't prohibit buying traffic; they do prohibit software manipulating the clicks on their ads. Since we send genuine traffic to your URL, our services don't fall into this category.

Others have used our service alongside AdSense without a problem. So, we can undoubtedly help sites with AdSense ads enabled! 

That said, your AdSense account is not controlled or owned by Visitor Ninja, and we can not guarantee anything in regards to the account itself. You must keep up to date with the service rule and assume any risk of using a 3rd party service. 

Do I Need An Image Or Video?

No, creatives are not necessary when using our traffic services. You will only need to provide the domain or URL you wish your traffic be directed.

What is the source of your traffic?

Visitors are directed to your site by utilizing a partnership with a large ad network with a combined 20 million visitors per day from pop-under ads in various niches.

When you order a subscription, you are being displayed on these websites according to the niche and audience targeting that you provided, until your target number of visitors is reached. We operate as a PPV (Pay Per Visit) traffic network; these visitors are automatically redirected to your website, which means a text ad or creative is not necessary.

The traffic will be routed through our tracking servers and show up as a combination of referrer traffic and/or direct traffic.

Do You Guarantee Bounce Rates?

There's no way to guarantee a low bounce rate or a high time spent on-site with this traffic; however, the average we see is around ~30% bounce rate and ~1-minute average time spent on site. This number will vary depending on your content and how engaging you have made it.

Pop-under ads tend to have a higher bounce rate, due to a percentage of your visitors closing the window before browsing loading the rest of your site.

Are Certain Sites Restricted?


We accept a wide range of sites, including many business types that have a difficult time getting accepted on other ad networks, but we do not accept businesses that promote the following:

   • Illegal or deceptive content

   • Hateful content

   • Cryptocurrency ICOs

   • Cryptocurrency cloud mining

   • Deceptive or harmful downloads

We may refuse any order if deemed necessary. There are strict rules in place with our partners that much be followed, and any ad that violates these rules may be removed. If you're unsure your promotion meets our rules, please contact us, and we will review it for you.

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